Styroporbearbeitung bei Accentform

Styrofoam machining

Styrofoam CNC milling is particularly well suited for large models. With modern high-performance milling centers and innovative CAD/CAM systems, Styrofoam can be processed in different material densities. Depending on customer requirements, computer-controlled various foundry models up to m 5length and m3 width are manufactured. By segmenting and later assembling, models in almost all dimensions can be produced. Larger models are manufactured from individual parts and reassembled precisely and accurately for casting or further processing. After milling, the styrofoam models are still reworked or ground.

Styrofoam machining is our daily business. Our CNC 3D portal milling machines have machining space up to X-5,000mm, Y-2.500 mm, Z-1,250mm.


Über eine CNC-gesteuerte Heißdrahtschneideanlage werden vorzugsweise 3D Objekte und Konturenschnitte wie Buchstaben und Logos aus Styropor, Styrodur oder EPP zugeschnitten. Den Schnitt führt ein heißer Draht durch, der sich vertikal bewegt. Mit speziellen Computerprogrammen ist es Möglich jede gewünschte Form nach Kundenwunsch herzustellen.


  • Foundry Patterns
  • Tools
  • Master models
  • Functional models
  • Design models
  • Prototyping
  • Vacuum thermoforming tools

More example projects made of styrofoam: