Assembly of subassemblies

We produce and assemble our GRP products not only as an “empty plastic shell” but also take over the complete assembly of modules according to customer requirements. In this way, we meet our customers’ requirements for system solutions and supply them either with pre-assembled modules or finished plug & play products. Of course, we also take care of material procurement and management of purchased parts, if these are not provided by the customer.

During the final assembly of subassemblies, our skilled personnel work with a wide variety of Joining techniques such as: Gluing, riveting, welding, screwing…

Thanks to our broad manufacturing spectrum, we offer our customers a wide range of products and services from a single source:

  • Bonding of plastics and metal
  • Attachment of seals and storage facilities
  • Hinge attachment
  • Wiring and equipping with electrical components
  • Surface treatment, painting and gluing (foiling)
  • Assembly