Blowfish – Peking Auto Show

Blowfishes for the Motor Show

For the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2011, ACCENTform was tasked by the Wolfsburg-based company VOLKE Communication Design to make models for futuristic design concept at the 1:1 scale in only 8 weeks time.

All models were hand-made, using the lay-up method, and provided with a simple chassis. The main focus was laid on the brilliant surface, which was painted in a jazzy and high-gloss blue.


This design received some unique and special characteristics:  the model “Sphere” adorned with its wheels´ has a diameter of 1.10 m (3.6 feet), or the 1:4 design model “Blowfish” with its dynamic shape and spines.

The transport to China took place on a specially chartered cargo airplane.

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