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Huge red Murex shells

Two huge red Murex shells, shrouded in red light, hang mirror-inverted opposite each other and carry on a poetic conversation. “Gastromancer” is the name of this impressive art object with a deep meaning and was created by the well-known artist Monira Al Qadiri.

We had the honour of contributing to the realisation of this artistic vision. On behalf of the agency SMA (STOP MAKING ART), we first CNC milled these two art objects from PU 50kg/m³ and then covered them with 2-3 mm GRP laminate. This choice of material ensures a low overall weight and at the same time high stability of the sculpture. Finally, the sculpture was to be displayed hanging without the need for special reinforcements at the suspension points. A loudspeaker was installed invisibly in the hollow “auditory canal” of the shell by means of a magnetic plate.
For the suspension, connection points were attached and the surface was roughly sanded for a subsequent surface coating. The final red sand coating of the two shells was applied by the client SMA.

  • Art exhibition: Mutant Passages in Bregenz

    We are thrilled about the constructive cooperation with SMA and look forward to realising further works of art.

The snails turned out super nice, the artist was very happy with the result and the sound thing worked out too.” (Client)

Pictures of the art objects in exhibition:
Kunst am Bau

Art in architecture – SCATER Figures

The double sculpture “Skater” was created by the artist Birgid Helmy from Wiesbaden. With her design, the artist convinced the jury and won the competition Art on the Building at the Karmeliter Realschule Plus.

We at ACCENTFORM supported the artist with our services in the realisation of her idea. The 3D data provided by the artist served as the basis for the milling work. She obtained this data by scanning her self-created 3D model. We milled the two life-size figures from SikaBlock M440. To make the sculptures weatherproof, they were encased in GRP. In this project, the later attachment on high steel poles had to be taken into account. To counteract the possible wind load, we reinforced the statically relevant parts of the sculptures with CFRP. The figures were then painted according to the artist’s exact colour specifications. The artist painted the details on the faces of the two young skaters herself.

The artwork now shines four metres high in front of the renovated façade of the Karmeliter Realschule Plus in Worms and appeals to pupils and passers-by alike.

Pictures from production:

Artwork “Mother” for Fred Wilson

We were commissioned by renowned American artist Fred Wilson to collaborate on a special work of art, “Mother”. This artwork celebrates the beauty of “Mother Earth”. It is a multi-level sculpture of twelve globes tilted at various angles and surrounded by Fred Wilson’s signature black “drops”. The imposing sculpture extends over several floors as a permanent installation in Terminal C of La Guardia Airport in New York.

This exciting project presented us with a variety of challenges. As a basis for the later earth balls, we first produced 12 hollow spheres from 6-8 mm thick GRP layer. The size of the spheres varied from 0.46 m up to a gigantic diameter of 3.36 m. The spheres had to meet various requirements due to their subsequent placement in the airport terminal: They were to have a non-combustible surface in accordance with ASTM 84 Class A. Furthermore, they were weighted down with additional weights so that they would not sway too much in the event of an earthquake. For the installation of the sphere, a suspension from the ceiling was provided. For this purpose, a very stable internal steel suspension device had to be constructed. The largest sphere had to be divided into four equal sections to make it transportable.

After all the spheres were surface treated and sanded smooth, they were given a coat of black paint, which the artist Fred Wilson intended to be the base color. The next challenge was to turn all the spheres into globes. The contours of a world map were applied to the black surface with the help of a CNC machine: For some only the continents, for others also individual 195 countries of the globe.

The large “drops” that are part of the installation are made of 100 percent aluminum. They were milled at our partner Industrie Mechanik Böger Maschinenbau GmbH and further processed by us to give them a high-gloss black surface.

When the work on the globes had progressed, Fred Wilson personally got a picture of the process on site and worked out the further “tactics” together with our team. During further stays of several weeks, Fred Wilson had added a strong structure to many of the continents on the globes by his own hand. The globes were then all painted differently by hand according to very precise color specifications. The handwork was done by Fred Wilson on site with the help of some creative helpers. This cooperation was a good opportunity to bring the likeable artist also a little piece of Germany and its culture closer 😉

In the end, the globes were given a coat of varnish. The final hurdle was packing and shipping the elements to America and setting up the installation in Terminal C of La Guradia Airport in New York. Our staff was on site in October 2022 to provide technical support and bring the work to a successful conclusion.

The eye-catcher “Mother” at the airport of Delta Airlines will continue to attract the attention of passengers for many years to come. It was a great pleasure for us to get to know Fred Wilson personally and to accompany him on his major art project.


Video about Fred Wilson´s artwork “Mother”:


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Images from the production:

Making of Video:


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Bericht in The New York Times

Ravensburger Play Figures

The game manufacturer Ravensburger is known worldwide for its board games and puzzles. In order to arouse the curiosity of customers, it strives to set up some popular game figures in front of the shops.

For this purpose, ACCENTFORM recreated a number of the game figures in sizes between 1.2-1.5 metres. These were four characters from four different games: the rabbit from Lotti Karotti, the penguin from Plitsch-Platsch Pinguin, the cockroach from Kakerlakak and the mole from Mole Company.

First, 3D models were created from the 2D figures. Then the greatly enlarged play figures were CNC-milled into a hard foam and encased in GRP using the hand-laminate process. Finally, priming and airbrush painting took place. Particularly important was the adherence to the corporate design. A base plate gave the objects a pedestal that protects against falling over and theft.


Ostrich sculptures

ACCENTFORM was commissioned by the German Armed Forces to produce two large ostrich sculptures after winning a tender.

The birds, which are a good two and a half meters in size, were initially carved by hand from templates. To give the sculpture stability, the feet were welded from solid steel tubing and attached to a steel pedestal. In order to obtain a hard and weatherproof surface, the bird sculptures were completely covered with a 2 mm thick layer of GRP using the hand-laminating process.

After the surface was filled, sanded and primed, the pair of ostriches could be given a realistic appearance by airbrush painting. Since May 2018, the giant ostriches have adorned the traffic circle near the Hardenberg barracks, greeting passing visitors to the garrison town of Strausberg.

Press reports:
Strausbergs Super-Strauße (MOZ)
Debate um gelbe Streifen (MOZ)

Bilder aus der Fertigung:

Horse figure Spirit

The wild mustang Spirit is the hero in a well-known Super RTL series and is now known not only to girls between 6-9 years. He is a special friend and soulmate of 12-year-old Lucky and accompanies her daily on her exciting adventures.

On behalf of the advertising agency PIE Five Marketing, ACCENTFORM produced a true-tooriginal 2m high Spirit figure made of GRP for the children’s TV station Super RTL. First, the body was milled from Styrofoam on a CNC machining center using the CAD files supplied. In order to obtain a hard and weatherproof surface, the soft Styrofoam surface was coated with a 2 mm thick GRP layer using the hand lay-up process. In order to create a smooth and even surface, the entire area must be filled, sanded and primed. This work process is very time-consuming and essentially affects the product quality. Professional painting by graffiti artist BeNeR1 breathed life into the horse sculpture. To protect the airbrush painting and for a nature-identical look, an extremely matte clear coat was finally applied. The finished sculpture is mounted on a mobile base plate with four wheels to ensure mobility at changing exhibition locations.


Paw Patrol Figuren aus GFK - Werbefiguren

Paw Patrol – dog figures

The popular Canadian series PAW Patrol inspires children of preschool age all over the world. The heroic rescue squadron, consisting of six rescuers on four paws, is the center of attention. We were allowed to produce two of these adorable characters in large format on behalf of the Advertising agency PIE Five Marketing the fearless, smart Skye and the athletic Chase.

First, the figures were milled from Styrofoam on a CNC machining center using the CAD files supplied. In order to obtain a hard and weatherproof surface, the soft Styrofoam models were coated with a 2 mm thick GRP layer using the hand laminate process. To create a smooth and even surface, the entire laminate layer had to be
sanded and primed.

The graffiti artist BeNeR1 ensured that the animal sculptures were painted true to the original. To protect the surface, matte clear lacquer was finally applied.

In the end, the beautiful sight of these two friendly dog heroes will delight not only children’s hearts…

Pictures from the production:

Giant salamander

The well-known Hannover Adventure Zoo is currently being expanded by the construction of a new Zoologicum themed area. This theme world will present giant tortoises, amphibians, sloths, macaws, coatis & co. in a stimulating appearance. In keeping with this themed landscape, we were commissioned with an oversized salamander figure that crawls along the tower at the entrance to the Zoologicum to welcome visitors.
The five-meter-long amphibian replica was first milled in several segments using our 3-axis milling machine. The assembled figure was then coated with polyurea hotcoat. The orange-skinlike spray structure not only gives the fire salamander an authentic surface, but also makes it hard and weatherproof. Four stainless steel plates were provided on the feet for later attachment to the tower’s facade and integrated into the feet. After being primed in black, the giant salamander was realistically painted by hand and sealed with a glossy coat of varnish in a lifelike manner.

Customer feedback:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team. The implementation of our idea, a larger-than-life salamander, you have succeeded very well. Here in the house, everyone is thrilled with the result. On Friday, the figure will hang in its final place and inspire people for animals. A special thanks to Mrs. Wagner, for the friendly support.” (Detlef Meiners)



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Styrofoam artwork – Katharina Grosse

The internationally renowned artist Katharina Grosse has temporarily transformed the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin as well as parts of the outdoor area into an unmanageably large, colorful work of art. The boundaries between painting and sculpture are unconventionally dissolved in Katharina Grosse’s space-transcending and color-intensive artworks. Thus, in this exhibition entitled “It Wasn’t Us,” huge, rock-like elements, the floor inside and outside the museum, and parts of the façade also merge into a gigantic, three-dimensional painting in vibrant colors.

ACCENTFORM was commissioned to manufacture and assemble the oversized sculptural elements and was thus allowed to contribute to this extraordinary installation. This project presented us with a number of challenges, which we mastered in good cooperation with the client.

A Styrofoam model of the artwork, handmade by the artist in a scale of 1:50, was scanned externally and converted into 3D data. These served us as a template for 3D milling. A total of five Styrofoam objects were involved. First, a test model on a scale of 1:10 was milled using our 5- axis milling machine based on the 3D data. This model then served the artist in her studio as a
visual object for color matching and further adjustments, which were then milled by us on a scale of 1:5.

The 1:5 model was also revised again by the artist and after its approval we were able to mill the five rock-like objects in their original size. Due to the gigantic dimensions of up to 21 m in length and 7 m in height, these first had to be sensibly segmented. The milling time of 1,400 hours and the Styrofoam consumption of 1,050 m³ alone give an indication of the magnitude of this gigantic project.

After the parts were provisionally assembled, Katharina Grosse and her assistants worked on the surface with hot wire on site in our halls according to their ideas.

Skulptur vor dem Bemalen, Foto: Philip Radowitz

Sculpture before painting, photo: Philip Radowitz

Art exhibition “It Wasn´t Us”

The finished segments were delivered individually to Berlin and assembled on site in the historic hall of the Hamburg train station. The assembly by our team took nine days. The artist then made further adjustments to the surface and painted over the white “icebergs” with bright colors using a spray technique and integrated them into her space-blasting installation.

We were personally able to get an impression of this extraordinary work of art at the exhibition opening and are proud to have contributed to it within the scope of our possibilities.

As this work by Katharina Grosse is also a time-limited installation, the styrofoam elements will be 100% recycled after the end of the exhibition.

Bilder aus der Fertigung:

Bilder aus der Kunstausstellung:


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Stone imitations

nelson-saule-gfkOn request we develop and realize stone imitations and rock imitations made of GRP, which hardly differ optically from real stones. Whether an asteroid, a huge rock, an erratic boulder, a stone column or a sculpture that appears to be chiseled out of a rock to be. These stone replicas can be realized in almost any size and in a wide variety of shapes.

Artificial rocks and stone imitations made of GRP are dimensionally stable, resilient and frostproof. In contrast to natural stone, they are characterized by a low dead weight. These positive properties make them suitable for any indoor or outdoor application: as complex riding obstacles, decorative or climbing elements in amusement parks or as eye-catchers at various events.

The basic shape of the stone models is first cut by hand from a polystyrene block, e.g. with a chain saw. It is then encased in fiberglass using the hand-laminating process. The authentic surface is realized with a colored basic coloring in connection with stone application.



More references:



Banner Asteroid aus Kunststoff