Beispiele Produtkgruppe-Architektur

Construction and Architecture

The Results Speak for Themselves!

Each building has a unique appearance, characterized by its significant utilisation requirements, certain architectural demands, and a variety of materials and construction details.

If you have a preference for specific details, simply call on ACCENTform and you will benefit from our experience. With our Fibreglass productions, each building becomes a small work of art.

As your trusted design manufacturer, we provide, extensive planning from conception to installation.  These creations are designed with the highest standards and quality of work. Moreover, our ideas are as varied as the spectrum of our references. Whether it is  impressive concrete ceiling for the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, an extravagant 3D storefront in London or a Tcylindrical tower for  a leisure – ACCENTform is the right partner to produce individual, customised design items. Each industry is unique, and ACCENTform can create your designed construction project to an unexpectedly spectacular architectural object.