Beispiele Produtkgruppe-Kunst

Sculptures and Art

As a specialist for high-quality special productions made of GRP rigid foam and polystyrene, we realize individual GRP figures and sculptures in all designs, even in XXL format, upon request. Based on the most precise specifications, sketches or scientific data, ACCENTFORM produces small and large works of art professionally and true to detail: from replicas from the animal world to the production of oversized comic and film characters and advertising figures to reproducible objects for smaller series, we are your reliable partner for unique forms of design. The material GRP has also prevailed here due to its resistance to weathering and mechanical influences.

There is no limit on your imagination:  from animal figures, movie and cartoon characters, to the scientifically accurate dinosaurs – anything you can imagine is possible. Do you have a special idea you would like made into reality? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your plans and ideas.