Beispiele Produtkgruppe-Figuren

Advertising figures

Two Meter High Fibreglass Figure of the MPAA “Oscar” shines in Dollywood.

Life-Size Animals: Carved out of rigid foam by our artists.

Asteroid VESTA: A replica of the VESTA steroid is true to the original at a 1:300,000 scale

Extravagant Skull: In collaboration with the Berlin-based artist Nicole Zäch

Falthauser and Rolli: Unique items for BAVARIA Film City.

Figures and sculptures made ​​of Fiberglass can be produced either as unique and custom-designed items or may be replicated numerous times in smaller batches.

There is no limit on your imagination:  from animal figures, movie and cartoon characters, to the scientifically accurate dinosaurs – anything you can imagine is possible.

The GRP material has prevailed here because of its weather and mechanical resistance.

Do you have a special idea you would like made into reality? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your plans and ideas.