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Spheres, Domes & Radomes


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ACCENTFORM specializes in the production of large-sized FRP spheres, globes, domes and radomes. The geometry of these objects is actually clearly described by the diameter specification. Customer requests require additional design details such as suspension points, flanges, cutouts, fire protection, different surface finishes, as well as
technical functions that can be ideally realized in fiber composite structures.

For public spaces, of course, safety is a hot topic. In contrast to thermoplastic materials, with the FRP material we use there is no need to worry in terms of fire protection class and stability: the material is known to be non-flammable and, above all, does not drip in the event of fire. Other advantages of FRP: aging and weathering resistance, chemical resistance and, in relation to the high stability, the low weight. Due to the FRP material, the fiberglass ball has unbeatable advantages over a design in thermoplastic material:

  • Arbitrary and durable coloring by painting
  • Fire resistance classes
  • Cuts and openings can be easily integrated

XXL Mega GRP Lotto Ball in 1.91m

ACCENTFORM has the largest range of FRP molds of large-sized spheres. Economical sphere sizes in FRP designs start at a diameter of 800 mm and end at approx. 30 m for static reasons. One-piece spheres are available up to a diameter of 2,500mm (2.5m). Beyond that, the sphere objects are mostly segmented for logistical reasons. ACCENTFORM manufactures all offered sphere sizes from high quality CNC milled production molds.

Balls in size from 600mm up to 4500mm are no problem for us.



Possible dimensions:

  • GRP Sphere 600 mm Ø, (60 cm, 0,60 m)
  • GRP Sphere 770 mm Ø, (77 cm, 0,77 m)
  • GRP Sphere  1.000 mm Ø, (100 cm, 1,00 m)
  • GRP Sphere  1.250 mm Ø, (125 cm, 1,25 m)
  • GRP Sphere  1.500 mm Ø, (150 cm, 1,5 m)
  • GRP Sphere  1.600 mm Ø, (160 cm, 1,6 m)
  • GRP Sphere  1.910 mm Ø, (200 cm, 2,0 m)
  • GRP Sphere 2.200 mm Ø, (220 cm , 2,2 m)
  • GRP Sphere  2.500 mm Ø, (250 cm, 2,5 m)
  • GFK Kugel 2.950 mm Ø, (295 cm , 3,0 m)
  • GFK Kugel 3.360 mm Ø, (336 cm , 3,36 m)
  • GRP Sphere  4.000 mm Ø, (400 cm, 4,0 m)
  • GRP Sphere  4.500 mm Ø, (450 cm,  4,5 m)