Beispiele Produtkgruppe-Sport


Dynamic processes. Sporty design.

Higher. Faster. Farther. Sporting events, worldwide, are continually trying to outdo each other, concerning the extensive venues and sporting equipment. Those who wish to be successful in this market, have to rethink their strategies and perpetually dream up something unusual. And that’s where ACCENTFORM comes in first every time! For sports events, we manufacture fancy objects of any size, so you can impress everyone: athletes and spectators alike.

From Hong Kong to Qatar, from the Olympics to the private golf course: ACCENTFORM has already created unusual stylish objects for various industries. To that end, the attractive equestrian obstacles, the body of an electric wheelchair with standing function for playing golf, a small fishing boat for private use; these are all parts of our portfolio. ACCENTFORM produces unique items, and also scores points in the field of specific series production. Due to its lightweight, stability, and low injury risk; fibreglass reinforced plastic may be used in all disciplines and is a real win for both parties.