Promotion & Event

Striking and Snazzy!

Make your company stand out from the crowd, by using visually stunning exhibition designs. Using ACCENTform’s fibreglass objects, not only do you increase spectator interest visually, and your organization also communicates, in a very clear way, your advertising messages.

ACCENTform, as your trusted partner, provides a complete event planning solution under the most demanding environments. Whether that includes an  oversized shower gel bottle for the special AXE effect, or the meter-high long-neck bottle as an eye catching dining entrance; there are many ways to put oneself in the limelight with fibreglass effects.

There is no limit of ideas and possibilities: using segmentation and subsequent assembly, models can be created in almost any size and in a variety of shapes. Our primary concern is product quality, creativity, flexibility, production, and on-time delivery.

This is why you can rely on ACCENTform!

Our Projects: