Spheres, Domes & Radomes

ACCENTform specializes in the manufacturing of fiberglass spheres, domes, radomes and simulators.

The geometry of these objects is precisely engineered and clearly described by the diameter specifications.

The client’s requests often requires additional design details such as suspension brackets, flanges, cutouts, fire protection, and different types of finishes, as well as technical functions, that can be perfectly created in the fiber-reinforced plastic.

Economically advantageous fibreglass sphere sizes start with a diameter of 800 mm (over 2 ½ feet) and because of structural reasons end at about 30 m (98 feet).

Spheres up to 2,500 mm (2.5 m or 8 feet) in diameter can be delivered as a one-piece object. Other spherical objects with a larger diameter should be segmented, mostly for logistical reasons.

ACCENTform manufactures spheres in all required sizes from the best quality, CNC machined production molds.