Diamond-Shape Artwork – Audi

Artwork for Audi at the Design Miami / 2013

The Audi exhibition stand at the Design Miami / 2013 is dedicated to the Audi Sport. Two super sports cars, well lit, were presented in front of the ACCENTform manufactured red diamond-shaped backdrop.

The artwork consisted of nearly 30 different sized diamond-shape elements, from 50 x 74 cm (19.7 x 29 in) up to 2.40 m x 2.07m (8 x 6.8 feet) in size.  These pieces, were made of a fibreglass sandwich panel in order to improve their rigidity. One diamond-shape element (sidewalls and cover) was produced by us utilizing manufacturedmolds. Then, all the produced parts were assembled and smoothed to remove all appearance of seams.

All elements were coated with a high-gloss finish in the typical Audi Sport colour- red.

The three-dimensional installation plays, in visual way, with the diamond-shape objects, the symbol of Audi Sport. These rhombi were hung on the wall, glued together to form a column, and suspended from the ceiling.

The main challenges in this project were the complexity of the shape and the surface treatment of the rhombi. All these elements were made with mirror-like surfaces.  This  called for an extremely high level of care.

We also made remarkably stable transportation racks, which were air and sea cargo worthy, to protect the sensitive surfaces during transport.

We were able to achieve the level of perfection as required by Audi.

We cooperated closely with our client and we would like to thank Expotechnik GmbH for its terrific cooperation.

The result was a very impressive, click here to see the video on YouTube: Audi Germany Video


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Expotechnik GmbH


Dimensions, Area and Weight
approx. 30 rhombi, 10–70kg (22-154 lbs), up to 2.50m (almost 8¼ feet) in size

Miami Beach (Florida, USA)



Miami Beach (Florida, USA)