Falcon Roadliner Trailer


Lighter. Faster. More Beautiful!

The FALCON ROAD LINER trailer shows that trailers can be practical AND visually attractive. The FALCON ROAD LINER is used as a weather-protected and safe transport of high-end motorcycles, dirt bikes and quads.

ACCENTform specializes in the manufacture of fibreglass custom-designed items for the automotive sector.  That’s why ACCENTform was chosen by Falcon Automotive GmbH Zittau to manufacture different body parts, which provide the trailer a unique and distinctive design character: dynamic, innovative, powerful and accentuated.

The professional processing of fibre-reinforced plastic ensures a strong weather resistance and thus an exceptionally long service life. With a permitted total weight of 1350 kg/29760 lbs to 1800 kg/3968 lbs, the trailer, depending on the model, is extremely lightweight.  Because of the fibreglass material, the body shell’s parts remain light weight and are highly load-resistant: it has a payload of an impressive 1000 kg (2200 pounds). Thanks to the skilful use of fibreglass material and the FALCON ROAD LINER, the biker’s dream comes true.


Falcon Fahrzeugbau Zittau GmbH
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