Fibreglass Exhibition Sphere

ACCENTfom created 80 fibreglass, chrome-plated spheres, in various sizes for the visitor and exhibition center in Linz, Austria.

These were constructed as closed and open spheres, as well as, accessible items of  1000mm (39 in), 1500 mm  (59 in) and 2500 mm (98 in) in diameter. Thus, these objects have a wide range of applications:  they can be equipped with media equipment or used for a cell experience.

The globes were mounted on the ceiling with a steel cable, and were the highlight of the exhibition.


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These tailor-made custom orbs are made to specifications provided by the client. All spheres are attached to the ceiling by a cable.  This cable is also produced to its respective length from client-provided information.

To produce one sphere, one positive form is needed. This positive mold is then milled into a hard model foam in our machining center.  Next, the surface of the milled mold is leveled and smoothed by hand. From there, the molds are used to produce a two-part negative mold.  This mold forms the sphere. The objects are made ​​by resin transfer molding, which provides their silky smooth surface. The resulting seam of the equator is then smoothed. The result is that the surface is  smooth and flat, allowing it to be chrome plated.  All ACCENTform spheres have the B1 fire protection classification according to DIN 4102 standards.

The 80 ordered balls are broken down as follows:

1000 mm (39 in) spheres 

32 orbs: 30 closed and 2 open

1500 mm (59 in) spheres

32 orbs: 16 closed, 14 open, and 2 double-sided 

2500 mm (98 in) spheres 

16 orbs:  4 closed, 7 open, 1 double-sided, and 4 open and accessible.

The gangways are constructed and assembled on site. However, the rigging must be performed by licensed, professional specialists.


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