Fibreglass Sphere

Round thing for the German Opera Berlin

In August 2011, ACCENTform was commissioned by the MCI workshops to provide13 spheres for a performance of the Deutsche Oper Berlin (German Opera Berlin). The orbs were primed and suspended, so that the final coloring would be supplied by the stage performers.

Of course, for this performance, safety is key. Compared with other thermoplastics, our fibreglass material has flame retardant coating and complies with current fire protection classification standards: the material is not flammable and in the event of a fire, it will not melt. Further advantages of the GRP-material are durability, resistance to chemicals and the elements.  Additionally, for all of its strength, it is surprisingly low weight.

Because of its GRP material, the fibreglass sphere has unbeatable advantagesover an execution in thermoplastic material:

  • Durable coloring throughout finish coating
  • Fire safety is not an problem: no worries about burning or melting
  • Readily adaptable:  Cuts and openings can be easily integrated
  • Large dimensions (2 m or 6.5 feet) are economically feasible

ACCENTform has the largest range of GRP production forms for producing large-sized spheres.

Orbs sized from 600 mm (2 feet) to 7020mm (23 feet) are not a problem for us. Our delivery sizes are:

GFK Kugel 600 mm Ø, (60 cm bzw. 0,60 m) / 2 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 770 mm Ø, (77 cm bzw. 0,77 m) / 2 ½ ft diam.
GFK Kugel 800 mm Ø, (80 cm bzw. 0,80 m) / 2.6 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 1.000 mm Ø, (100 cm bzw. 1,00 m) / 3.3 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 1.250 mm Ø, (125 cm bzw. 1,25 m) / 4 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 1.500 mm Ø, (150 cm bzw. 1,5 m) / 5 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 2.000 mm Ø, (200 cm bzw. 2,0 m) / 6.5 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 2.500 mm Ø, (250 cm bzw. 2,5 m) / 8.2 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 4.000 mm Ø, (400 cm bzw. 4,0 m) / 13 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 4.500 mm Ø, (450 cm bzw. 4,5 m) / 15 ft diam.
GFK Kugel 7.020 mm Ø, (720 cm bzw. 7,02 m) / 23 ft diam.


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