Floating faucet

Faszinierende Illusion – ein Blickfang für die Besucher

The principal of the “floating faucet” is based on an optical illusion. In a transparent tube, water is pumped into the faucet. The water flows and then, falls back down on the outside of the clear tube. Because the transparent tube with the water intake cannot be reflected in the “waterfall”, the impression is created that the water comes out of nowhere.

The floating faucet is an eye catcher for waterworks and gas- and water installation companies. The coated item costs 6800€ plus value-added tax (VAT).

For the building material dealer, MeckRohr, we designed by means of CAD, an oversized fibreglass outlet valve, made of hard foam and covered with 2 mm thick fibreglass laminate. Subsequently, the outlet valve was finished with an acrylic varnish.

Den schwebenden Wasserhahn können wir in folgenden Ausführungen anbieten:


Wasserhahn “MODERN” für einen Messestand, im Auftrag von Firma Scarso:

Wasserhahn “ANTIKE” für den Baustoffhändler MeckRohr:





Röhrenhandel MeckRohr GmbH
Tannenweg 22
18059 Rostock



Adresse Visuelle Realisationen OHG
Hans-Sachs-Str. 10
40721 Hilden


1235 x 1350 x 425 mm