Giant fibreglas golf ball

Giant golf ball as an eye-catscher and advertising space

Oversized golf balls from ACCENTFORM are absolute eye-catchers on and near golf courses. They can be foiled with logos and lettering and thus also serve as exclusive advertising space. This large-format, high-gloss gelcoat coated FRP ball convinces with its true-to-theoriginal look of a golf ball in a scale of approx. 1:55. A giant golf ball is made from two hemispheres with a diameter of 2300 mm in the hand laminate procedure in a wall thickness of approx. 4 mm manufactured. An approx. 80 cm high tee replica serves as an optical complement to the golf ball and at the same time offers itself as a pedestal for the extraordinary eye-catcher.

FRP – golf ball as toilet

The FRP enclosure in the shape of a golf ball is used as a sanitary cell, e.g. on golf courses. The shapely, interesting exterior and interior design of the sanitary cell makes it a unique piece of equipment.
The outer shell of the golf ball toilet is made of durable FRP laminate with a UVresistant surface coating of gelcoat.

With a diameter of 2300 mm, the FRP – Golf Ball Toilet offers a space that is unique in this form.

Giant golf ball in a traffic circle – a round thing

How could you point out a golf course more effectively?
In a newly built traffic circle in Lesce (Slovenia), a giant golf ball was impressively placed on a tee. This round XXL eye-catcher is located near the oldest and most beautiful Slovenian golf course Royal Bled.

Presse: Gorenjski Glas

Photos from the production:



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