Globe & Showcases

The Whole World Is/Eats Chocolate!

For the promotional tour “Chocco’lissimo” ACCENTform made ​​a 2m (6 ½ feet) wide, electrically driven globe, including stalls, showcases, and multimedia displays.

To reflect the theme of “Chocco’lissimo”, the displays were produced in the form of a chocolate bar and laminated with a realistic printed lacquer film. The elegant displayfeet were coated in gold metallic, to complete the classy appearance of the displays.

The hand-made fibreglass globe, using the lay-up method, was finished with a lively airbrush painting. Then the colored continents were covered with Ritter Sport Minis.


Nollendorfstr. 15
10777 Berlin


Diameter: about 2000 mm (78 in)
Wall thickness: approx. 5 mm (almost ¼ in)

Width: 2200 mm (87 in), height: 1000 mm (39 in),
wall thickness: about 5 mm (almost ¼ in)