Globe – Skoda

Skoda’s Worldwide Presentation

A special highlight at the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt was a 4.5 m (5 yd) globe at the Skoda booth. ACCENTFORM was awarded the contract to build a globe that impressively presented the automobile manufacturer’s brand and its reputation.

The high-gloss painted fibreglass globe consists of 12 identical single pieces, each of them with a surface of a 7.5 m² (8.2 yd²), and had a total weight of 400 kg  (882 lbs). All these single pieces were mounted on a wall approximately 4mm  (0.2 in) thick and were hand-made using the lay-up method, carefully taking into consideration the fire safety regulations on the fibreglass lamination according to DIN 4102 -B1 standards.

Globus Skoda

By means of a special template, the 3,100 different eye-catching buttons were pasted at the exact predetermined positions of the world continents.

The production of the globe; starting from the CAD design to the model and mold making, as well as the production of the 12 segments, took a just six weeks to complete.


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