Golden Huge Vase

Fibreglass Tree Pot for Five-Star Hotel Kameha Grand


ACCENTform produced, supplied, coated, and assembled record-breaking sized transportable fibreglass tree pots. They are made in the shape of a flower vase and are key design elements, placed in the atrium of the hotel’s new building. Another tree pot is centered at the traffic circle.

The 4.70m (15 feet) high and 4.20m (14 feet) wide fibreglass vases are self-supporting due to its GRP- sandwich structure. Although the vases, created in the new design, have a surface of about 60m² (645 ft²), the total weight of these lightweight constructions is only 500 kg (1100 lb) per vase.

Because today’s biotechnology is still unable to invent suitably sized flowers to match these vases, trees were planted instead. One item was additionally equipped with an accessible platform.

The surface of the fibreglass vase was finished with gold-metallic paint.

A “typical” road transport of oversized fibreglass vases is (almost) impossible, so we opted for the river source. These fibreglass items were transported by barge from the Mittelland Canal to the Rhine.

Loading on Trucks by Night

The loading process begins. By night, the large truck was loaded with the fibreglass tree pots to transport them to the shipping port and loaded at the Mittelland Canal, located approx. 12 km (7.45 miles) away.

A Barge Full of Vases

The loading on the barge “Susanne” in Duisburg begins – and afterwards it makes the trip to Bonn am Rhine.

Webcam at Bonner Bogen

Click here to watch the construction progress in the Five Star hotel Kameha Grand at Bonner Bogen:

06/10/2009, at 9:33 a.m. – The delivery is made, the crane is mounted, the installation progress of the vases begins…


At 2:48 p.m., the last of the four vases disappeared through the opening in the hotel’s roof. There are only two final steps to complete: the assembly and the interior construction – but that is another (picture) story.


Building Contractor:

BonnVisio Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG
Rheinwerkallee 3
53227 Bonn


Architekturbüro Schommer
Wilhelm-Levison Strasse 39
53115 Bonn

Coating of the Plant Tube

Gustav Meyer GmbH
Stolzenauer Straße 4
31618 Liebenau


Marcel Wanders, NL