Huge Molecule Model

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Production of an oversized molecule as an eye-catching exhibition booth display.

The molecule floated at the height of 5 meters (5.5 yds.) in the center of the booth. For the production of the spheres, three were made 840 mm (33 in) in diameter and one 1200mm (47 in) in diameter, as well as three connection pieces. These orbs were formed into a molecule by means of the connection pieces. After being primed and smoothed, the surface of the molecule model was prepared for a glossy and reflective coating.

Subsequently, the molecule model was painted blue and yellow to give it a spectacular touch.




Dimensions, Surface and Weight:

3329mm (131 in) x 245mm (10 in) x 1331mm (52 in)

Approximate weight 100 kg (220 pounds)