Mediasystem – Globen

globus-erde-satelitaufnahmeMedial playable globes

We put “the world” at your feet

One of our specialties is the production of sophisticated terrestrial globes in various diameters. The surfaces can be printed sometimes realistic like satelite image or simple and stylized.

First, a raw sphere with the desired diameter is manufactured from two hemispheres glued together using the FRP hand-laminate process. The surface of the sphere body is then filled and sanded to prepare it for foiling/adhesive bonding.

Folie-globusThe special challenge in the foiling/gluing of a sphere is to divide a 2D image in a complex conversion process into several elliptical segments that allow the foil plot to be applied to the curves of the sphere.

On a globe with a diameter of 0.77m, 24 segments are glued. For a globe with a diameter of 1.91m, there are already 32 segments. Depending on the customer’s wishes, some globes are then coated with a transparent
matt varnish to prevent any reflections on the surface of the globe. The globe can now be used as a media display – by means of projectors.

Globe sticking in fast motion: