Pavillion Soccer Ball

Information pavilion in the shape of a soccer ball!

Our firm’s creativity knows no bounds…

We can fulfil all of your fantastic ideas with ease!!!

Technical characteristics:

The football pavilion is composed of 28 pieces:  10 are pentagonal and 18 are hexagonal.

Thanks to the special design and our manufacturing process, this pavilion is weather resistant, stable, and due to the modular design, it is easy to assembly /disassembly. Inside, the pavilion is equipped with an anti-vibration insulation.

Diameter: about 5m (16 ½ feet)

Wall thickness: about 5mm (almost ¼ inch)









The process begins…



…finished product ready for the exposition!


KnaufKassel GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Straße 6
34277 Fuldabrück


Durchmesser ca. 5 m
Wandstärke ca. 5 mm