ProLicht / Canopies

  • canopy-dachStylish and elegant roof flawlessly shaped without any corners or edges.
  • This roof was used for the famous Drive-In FAST FOOD –restaurant chain.
  • Customers are protected from the elements while they make their food order.
  • The roofs were produced by utilizing the hand lay-up method.
  • Canopy roof was made using double skin construction and stabilized by an internal hidden frame.
  • The minimum component thickness and wall thickness have been achieved.
  • The roof’s underneath is lighting equipped.
  • The outer surface is finished with a colored gel coat similar to RAL 9010.
  • The raw weight of the component (approx. 40 kg/88 lb) provides an accurate and lightweight structural frame.



ProLicht Werbung GmbH
Schinkelstr. 4
D – 31137 Hildesheim


ca. 3,5 x 2,5 m

(11.5 x 8 ft)