Sea snake in a roundabout

This 5 m high figure, reminiscent of Scottish monster “Nessie”, was designed by one of the participating students as part of a competition at the Laborschule Bielefeld. The shrill sea serpent stands for individuality, surprise and creativity and convinced the vast majority of students and teachers at the Laborschule Bielefeld.

The design sketch served us as a template for the realization of this project. First, a 3D CAM drawing was created from the two-dimensional drawing by our CAD specialists. Based on the 3D model, we first milled the giant snake figure out of Styrofoam. Divided into several segments, this Styrofoam model was molded with fiberglass using the hand lay-up process. The individual elements were then joined to form a large, hollow GRP figure and additionally stiffened from the inside. After the plastic surface was filled, sanded and primed, the work of art was given a bright paint finish.

The figure, weighing about 500 kg (1,100 lbs), was secured with a wooden frame for transport. On site, it was placed in the middle of the traffic island by means of a crane and firmly mounted by our team on a prepared concrete foundation. Since then, this unique and eye-catching eye-catcher attracts the attention of motorists and passers-by and provides a moment of surprise for one or the other.

Pictures of the production:


Bericht in “Westfalen Blatt”

Bericht in “Neue Westfalische”


Stadt Bielefeld
Amt für Verkehr

Size and weight:

5 m x 2,6 m x 3,9 m
500 kg

Place of installation:

Bielefeld, Kreisverkehr an der Kreuzung Voltmannstraße/Schloßhofstraße