Swimming Pools & Garden Ponds

Fiberglass  Swimming Pools and Garden Ponds

ACCENTform created on-site individual fibreglass swimming pools and koi ponds. For cost reasons the garden and koi ponds are, in most cases, sealed with film. A main disadvantage is, however, that the film cannot be crease-free assimilated to the pond shape, so the pond inhabitants’ waste collect all the creases. As result, water quality suffers from the resulting nitrogen depot. A GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) pond can be laminated on-site. The previously excavated terrain shape was coated with approximately 3 – 4 mm (0.1-0.2 in) thick fibreglass layers. All unevenness of the terrain was replicated, but the surface was still smooth and crease-free. It is also almost impossible to pierce the fibreglass laminate, because the glass fibers have a very high puncture resistance.  Due to the manufacturing process, it is useful to laminate the ponds´ surfaces up to approx. 100 m²/120 yds² (terrain surface).

Manufacturing process:

You design your pond, according to your requirements, and observe reasonable water exchange (inlet, outlet, planting, filter and spawning zones, etc.).

On-site we re-examine the construction and plan our manufacturing process. To have a successful manufacturing result, dry weather conditions with temperatures of at least 20 degrees are required. The previous day, the construction site was already set up, so that the production process was started at 8 a.m. For an area of approximately 150 m² (180 yds²), we needed about 12 hours of continuous work time. First, the terrain area has to be moisture free by means of the waterproof textile fibers or films. During the manufacturing process, we utilized a fiber spraying machine that squirts the glass fibers together with a resin mixture in any color. The sprayed layers have to be rolled (vented). A final resin sealing completes the surface coating and permanently protects the laminate from water damage.


Cost estimation for 150 m² (180 yds²) terrain surface with about 3 – 4 mm (0.1-0.2 in) thick fibreglass laminate:

Building site facilities

Arrival and departure, compressor, fiber spraying machine, protective covering

500 – 1500, – €


600 kg (1323 lb) of resin, 150 kg (331 lb) of glass fiber, 15 kg (33 lb) of hardener, 12 kg (26 lb) color paste, 200 m² (240 yds²)  film

7.000, – €


About 90 hours x € 40 / hour

6.300, – €

Total costs

Approx. 13.300, – € + VAT