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Hood Systems – Construction

Fibreglass Hood Systems

ACCENTform is a supplier of the fibreglass hood systems for various well-known manufacturers of construction equipment.

According to the customer’s specifications, during the manufacturing of thesefibreglass hoods we used only the highest-quality materials, such as UV-resistant gel coat, heat-resistant resin systems, laser-cut stainless steel or aluminum mountings, soundproofing, and heat insulations and much more.

To achieve the perfect shape of the items in mass production, our robot systems carry out all necessary edge trimmings and cut-outs.

Welger Agriculture Machinery


Agriculture from its most beautiful side

Agricultural machinery is characterized today by the latest technology and innovative design. The best examples are Welger hay balers.  ACCENTform was commissioned by Welger Maschinenfabrik GmbH to manufacture body panels that provide each of the vehicles in their product line-up with a distinctive appearance, and ensure a stunning visual example of brand recognition in the agricultural machinery market.

The dimensions of the flawlessly shaped fibreglass surfaces vary between 1-16 m² (11-172 ft²). They can be highly economically manufactured, by using a conventional RTM method. Due to this process, we can produce up to 2,000 units per year. In this process, the ink layer of about 0.7 mm thick was applied in the high-gloss production mold and the precisely fitted piece of glass fabric was packed. The production mold was then closed with the upper mold and clamped. After the resin has been pumped into the mold cavity and hardened for 30 minutes, the hardened part is removed from the mold. Subsequently, the machining robot automatically mills all unnecessary projections of the manufactured part. In the final assembly, the body shell´s segment got a tubular steel frame for connection to the machine. A complete hood system consists of four body parts: two large-sized red body side panels and two gray fenders.

For Welger Maschinenfabrik, ACCENTform also manufactured the body panels for the RPC 245 Tornado, RPC 445 Tornado DA and RP 545. These products, due to its large size, were made, by using the hand lay-up or spray lay-up method. Commissioned by the Lely company in the Netherlands, ACCENTform manufactured the front panels for the Splendimo 260 FA and 300 FS models. One body part’s segment weighed approximately 3-120 kg (7-265 lbs) and thus, for the safe delivery and transport to the customer’s assembly line, ACCENTform used special transport racks.

Corvette C5 – Tuning

Fibreglass Wide Body Shell for Corvette C5

In the field of car tuning , ACCENTform produced for the Corvette C5, a widened fibreglass body shell (original width: 1860 mm/73 in, width after reconstruction: 2200 mm/87 in) consisting of:

  • GRP front
  • GRP front right and left fenders
  • GRP rear right and left fenders, including door sill
  • GRP wheel arch liners
  • GRP rear

Construction, painting, acceptances and approvals were not a part of the ACCENTform services performed.

Michalak Design

Roadster Michalak-C7 Kit-Car

ACCENTFORM fertigt exklusiv für MICHALAK DESIGN GmbH & CO.KG

  • GFK – C7-Karosserie, Body
  • GFK – C7-Karosserie, Kotflügel rechts und links
  • GFK – C7-Karosserie, Heckteil
  • GFK – C7-Karosserie, Front- und Heckdeckel
  • GFK – C7-Bodenwanne

VOLKE Towing Dynamometer


We manufactured the fibreglass body shell for the new VOLKE Towing Dynamometer.

In addition to the fibreglass shell, we also made a cover for a drawbar (manufactured as a sandwich element) that completed the kit.

The photos, provided by VOLKE, show the towing dynamometer in complete assembled and painted version.

The body shell has the following dimensions:

A length of 3650 mm (12 ft), a width of 1950 mm (6 ft) and a height of 750 mm (2 ft).


Towing dynamometers are commonly used in the automotive industry for an uphill driving simulation while on flat terrain, or for the testing of driving with different loads. Thus, new engines and transmissions can be tested under real driving conditions for engine performance and cooling system capability.  Using VOLKE’s towing dynamometers one can simulate the searing heat of Death Valley, as well as the North German Plain. It goes without saying that the testing of all modern vehicles incline and decline parameters and towing capacities should be carried out while towing this trailer.