Custom-made balls for advertising

By order of Departmentdeluxe we made three balls for the famous TV channel SAT1. These decorative balls in a size from 40 to 150 cm imitate the rainbow colored SAT1 logo. They consist of an inner white ball and seven colored slats above it. The special challenge for us was to place the colored slats on the white ball at an even distance from each other so that they “float” about 5 mm above the ball. They are only connected to the sphere at the two poles. We precisely mastered this tricky task over the course of three weeks. The beautiful 3D logo now interacts with well-known actors such as Dr. Carola Holzner, Jörg Pilawa or Ralf Schmitz in various commercials of the station.

The production – pictures:


Domes, cupolas, radoms

Large-sized spheres are used as projection domes for simulators, domes or radoms.

In a projection dome, video recordings, animations or images are projected onto the inside of the spherical surface (dome, spherical section, curved screen). Planetariums are a well-known example.
For this purpose, the surface must be smooth and white in color. A radome (radar dome) is a closed enclosure for measurements or data transmissions. This protects the antennas and sensitive measuring devices from external weather influences. The materials GFRP and CFRP are excellently suited for the production of
such objects.

In principle, the aim is to produce large-format segments so that as few joints and seams as possible are visible. At the same time, large-format segmentation reduces assembly time. The width dimension is limited by the usual transport width (truck width 2.5 m). This results in usual surface sizes of approx. 10 m².

Before a segment can be made from GFRP or CFRP, a production mold must be created. Due to the three-dimensional geometry, it makes most sense for this large production mold to be given a stable substructure (wood-frame construction). Large-sized blocks of STYROPOR are then glued onto this substructure. It is a very economical material and can be milled very well. Nevertheless, STYROPOR has a very poor surface finish after
machining and is not compression resistant. Therefore, the polystyrene structure is milled off with an undersize of 12 mm. Then a special epoxy paste is applied to the premilled surface. This paste hardens within 24 hours and is then milled to the target dimension. The resulting surface is hard and can be brought to a finished state by sanding and painting. This makes it suitable as a production mold.

Sandwich structure

The individual segments for a dome can then be molded from this large-format production mold. First, a gelcoat with a layer thickness of approx. 0.7 mm is applied to the production mold. Then the glass fiber reinforced plastic is laminated on. The layer thicknesses vary between 4 – 8 mm, depending on the application. If higher demands are placed on the object (dynamic dome), a sandwich structure is executed. The individual segments of a dome are attached to the flange at the site by means of a screw connection or glued.

Pictures from the production:


Referenz Projektionsdom:

Reference Projection Dome

Reference Projection sphere

Movement Sculptures

Please touch!

This is the name of the participatory art action initiated by the Paderborn artist Manfred Webel. He sees a sculpture first and foremost as a social object that interacts with the viewer not just by looking at it but by touching it. Unlike a visit to a museum, his rolling works of art may and should be touched and moved. Thus, Manfred Webel makes art not only visible, but tangible for ALL on his tour through all of North Rhine-Westphalia.

We at ACCENTFORM were allowed to contribute to this wonderful action by producing a total of nine objects by Manfred Webel in different sizes. The movement sculptures with their own names “Quattroporte, Monami, Bubble and Chair” were first CNC milled from Styrofoam and then coated with fiberglass reinforced plastic using a laminating process. Some of the sculptureser Some of the sculptures received a monochrome red paint finish, while others were further finished by the artist himself.

The constructive cooperation with the sympathetic artist was a great pleasure for us!

“I really enjoy working with Accentform, not only because they have a deep technical understanding and work in a very solution-oriented way, but also because they have a heart for new issues and innovations to be developed for them. I also like the old school of concluding contracts with a handshake and the absolute binding nature of verbally exchanged agreements”.
Manfred Webel

Pictures from the production:



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Fascinating projection sphere

At first glance, it looks like a conventional white GRP sphere – but this impression is deceptive! Thanks to a special surface coating, this 2.5 m sphere can have an infinite number of “faces” by means of beamer projections and create breathtaking effects.

A sphere of this kind – produced by ACCENTFORM – was used at the large Garbicz Arts & Music Festival 2019 in Poland. The customer (Armin Sachs) projected visual effects onto the surface of the sphere using a beamer. With a magical and fascinating effect! Even the black colour is reproduced brilliantly.

Such spheres are also well suited for scientific purposes, e.g. for a realistic, very plastic 3D representation of planets or our blue earth with its atmosphere. Here you get a real astronaut feeling!



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Microbes – Bionic Spheres


Custom made microbes – the new shape diversity of pharmaceutical company

With bold, powerful colors in stimulating combinations, the new brand identity of a leading pharmaceutical company presents the true nature of science instead of the clichéd world of sterile laboratories. And the organic world of form, inspired by cell structures, is always fascinating and unusually shaped.

In order to stage this variety of colors and shapes spatially and haptically at international congresses, strong partners are needed – no problem with ACCENTFORM, even in a short time.

With the commissioning of the construction of a total of 24 bionically shaped spheres, the challenge of creating the almost impossible within 17 working days was born. This was because the following special features had to be thought through in the approach to production:

  • bionik-kugelthe bionically shaped surface
  • for ø 1m – despite 15 mm wall thickness, keep the weight as low as possible
  • at ø 2m – division into quarters with invisible connection

Thanks to perfect cooperation with CNC model making, ACCENTFORM was able to start preparing the 1m models of the northern and southern hemispheres for mold making after just four days. After another four days, the last models for the 2-m sphere were machined, which had to be built up much more complex with its inner as well as outer shell.

Bionische Kugel ø 1 m

For the small sphere, an adhesive resin was used after the first layers of laminate in order to achieve a wall thickness of approx. 15mm after sealing with further layers of laminate. After curing, the halves were demolded and handed over to the grinder, which brought the individual cutouts to size. After joining and fine-tuning the northern and southern hemispheres, the leveling work and painting preparations began. Thus, already on the eighth day, the first 1 m spheres could be painted in the exciting color palette of the company.

Kugel ø 2 m

For the large spheres, the approach was somewhat more complex: After completion of a total of four production molds (north-south hemisphere / inner-outer shell), the individual shells were laminated as usual. After a complex mold construction, the hemispheres were cut in half again to meet the requirement of an easily transportable quarter division. Another requirement was to “hide” the joints as well as possible and, in addition, to make them tradable worldwide. Here, ACCENTFORM engineers developed a simple and easy-to-use connection that allows the individual parts to be fixed or released in a concealed manner using a special tool and a simple handle. The final paint job in the bright corporate colors brought the Merkroben to life.

Die Produktion in Bildern:

Despite a tight schedule and certain challenges, the ACCENTFORM team was able to master this special order very well. The 24 globes are on the road as eye-catchers at various events around the world.


Spheres for the cityquartier domaquarée


As a business and leisure location, the DomAquarée brings people from different areas together. Whether art, music or business – with a variety of activities, the DomAquarée presents itself as a place where people like to be surprised and entertained in an extraordinary way. At its prominent location between the Brandenburg Gate and
Alexanderplatz, the DomAquarée CityQuartier has developed into a center for IT, creative industries and new media. Quality of work, quality of life and quality of living are inseparable here.

The sought-after office and residential location has exclusive spaces and light, wide passages that provide first-class access to the various areas of the building. As part of the interior design in the entrance area of the new building, ACCENTFORM manufactured an ensemble of 57 spheres in sizes ranging from Ø 600mm to Ø 1500 mm on behalf of two Berlin garden and landscape architecture firms.

The spheres were manufactured in a wall thickness of approx. 4mm in hand laminate and then painted in structurally coordinated shades of green-blue and pearl-beige. Some of the components could stand on their own due to a base plate, others were screwed to a metal stand. Some spheres were ordered with central openings in the top, which would serve as plant troughs.en.

After completion, ACCENTFORM delivered the spheres to Berlin and, with its assemblers, took over the professional assembly on metal stands on site. The new ensemble of spheres with its well-coordinated proportions and colors welcomes residents, office workers and visitors with an ambience of positive energy and is an original, effective enhancement of the interior.

Fibreglass Boulders

Project: Five-Star Hotel Kameha Grand  blumenmuster-11-bl

For the atrium of the new hotel building and for the traffic circle in Bonn, ACCENTform produced, supplied and coated 14 different sized fibreglass boulders of 1000 mm (3.3 ft), 1500 mm (5 ft) and 2500 mm (8.2 ft) in diameter. The fibreglass boulders have polystyrene – rigid foam core that, due to the fibreglass 5 mm (0.2 in) thick coating, is weather resistant.

The designer Marcel Wanders (moooi) from Amsterdam, developed the exclusive design of fibreglass boulders. They were carried out, according to for the Five-Star Hotel Kameha Grand typical flower design.


Fibreglass Christmas Balls

Christmas Ornaments for the Friedrichstadt-Palast

Elegant Design for the Festival!

With ACCENTform, the Christmas fairytale came true: Just in time for the Christmas Season, we were commissioned to build spectacular oversized Christmas ornaments for the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin ​​. These ornaments in their spherical shape were from 1.25 m (4 feet) to 1.95 m (6 feet) in diameter and had a wall thickness of less than 5 mm (almost ¼ inch).Finished with a striking, clear varnish coat, the Christmas ornaments shone in silver, gold, and violet and were a feast for the eyes, and also warmed the hearts of Berlin’s visitors.  Guests of the Friedrichstadt-Palast experienced a fascinating Christmas spectacle: From the perfect Revue to the impressive decoration, it was a “well-rounded” event!


Sphere for the Tyrol Festival; ⌀4m

Presenting Huge Sphere!

Erl, is a small village in the Tyrolean region of Austria.  It has 1,500 inhabitants, a handful of hotels and many cows.  Erl is included in a very special part of history: In the 17th Century, the war-torn inhabitants swore an oath that every six years they would perform the Passion of Jesus Christ, if they were spared from the horrors of further wars. Erl was spared; and to this day, Erl performs the Passion play.

Since the Passion playhouse was constructed in 1959, the Tyrol Festival in Erl is performed in the bold and strikingly designed theatre. The playhouse has become part of the village.  Similarly, the inhabitants of Erl, are part of the Festival as its actors, fire brigade members behind and on the stage, technicians, hosts and much more. This close relationship between the citizens, Passion play association, and festival makes the Tyrol Festival in Erl truly distinctive.

For the Tyrol Festival in Erl, ACCENTform made a giant sphere 4 meters (13 feet) in diameter, and mounted it to the ceiling. It was assembled from eight parts.  The orb is not only extremely stable, but weighing just 375 kg (825 pounds) is very light at the same time. The object was made from the 4 mm (0.1 in) thick fibreglass laminate in the fireproof design according to DIN 5510 (S4, SR2, ST2) standards. The surface was painted matte white to avoid any reflections of the stage lightening.

Huge Molecule Model

Molecule – Company Logo Replica


Production of an oversized molecule as an eye-catching exhibition booth display.

The molecule floated at the height of 5 meters (5.5 yds.) in the center of the booth. For the production of the spheres, three were made 840 mm (33 in) in diameter and one 1200mm (47 in) in diameter, as well as three connection pieces. These orbs were formed into a molecule by means of the connection pieces. After being primed and smoothed, the surface of the molecule model was prepared for a glossy and reflective coating.

Subsequently, the molecule model was painted blue and yellow to give it a spectacular touch.