Floating faucet

Faszinierende Illusion – ein Blickfang für die Besucher

The principal of the “floating faucet” is based on an optical illusion. In a transparent tube, water is pumped into the faucet. The water flows and then, falls back down on the outside of the clear tube. Because the transparent tube with the water intake cannot be reflected in the “waterfall”, the impression is created that the water comes out of nowhere.

The floating faucet is an eye catcher for waterworks and gas- and water installation companies. The coated item costs 6800€ plus value-added tax (VAT).

For the building material dealer, MeckRohr, we designed by means of CAD, an oversized fibreglass outlet valve, made of hard foam and covered with 2 mm thick fibreglass laminate. Subsequently, the outlet valve was finished with an acrylic varnish.

Den schwebenden Wasserhahn können wir in folgenden Ausführungen anbieten:


Wasserhahn “MODERN” für einen Messestand, im Auftrag von Firma Scarso:

Wasserhahn “ANTIKE” für den Baustoffhändler MeckRohr:




Bibendum, Michelin-Man

A promotional object of a special type.

The body is hand-made ​​in fibreglass, using the lay-up method. The objects are designed for flat roofs and include a base plate and an inspection flap for installation on-site.

This project we were entrusted to implement for our partner:

Sculpture “Needle”

A 9-meter (29 feet) long fibreglass sculpture, in the shape of needle, forms the center of the new Skywalk “Bigge view” at the Biggesee in the Hansa town Attendorn. At the entrance to the Sauerland Biggesee the tourists have a viewing platform, which was built on a platform, 90 meters high (almost 300 feet) above the lake. A footbridge leads over the platform and ends with a rounded platform.  In the middle of the center is a 9-meter (29 ½ feet) high sculpture in the shape of a needle. At night, the needle is illuminated by LED lamps, thus it forms to landmark on the Biggesee. The accurately shaped needle could not be produced in a cost effective manner from stainless steel.  So, ACCENTform was commissioned to create this sculpture of fibreglass.

In May 2013, ACCENTform manufactured a production mold, and then, laminated the “needle” to a one-piece object. A main challenge was the customer’s request to make a stainless steel surface coating. Using the product GUNSMOKE from VeroMetal, the stainless steel powder embedded in resin was applied on the needle. Then, the surface was smoothed and polished to make the stainless steel finish particularly shining.  To protect the item from any weather damage, it was equipped inside with the lightning rod.

Advantages of Fibreglass

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightness of weight
  • Economical
  • High stability
  • Maintenance-free

Longneck Bottle


Promotional Beer Bottle

Made exclusively for one of our clients, we made an oversized fibreglass longneck bottle by using a hand lay-up method.

The promotional bottle is ideal for promotion purposes and as an eye catching effect at the entrance area into restaurants, on beer trailers, or at home in your own garden.

The well-known 0.33-liter beer bottle was made about 3m (over 9 ½ feet) tall and 750 mm (almost 2 ½ feet) wide.

Due to the 3 mm (1/10 inch) thick laminated walls, the promotional bottle is sturdy and stable. An extra weathering resistance coating was applied as requested by the client.




Golden Oscars


The famous Academy Award of Merit, more commonly referred to as the “Oscar”, shines brighter than ever before and is now available in Dollywood.

The 2 m (6 ½ feet) high fibreglass statue is made of a 3 mm (1/10 inch) thick laminate panel and weighs about 10 kg (22 pounds) in total. The surface is perfectly smooth as it was  sanded and painted gold.

Unfortunately, the figures, after being produced and delivered, had to be shredded because of the copyright infringement by the contracting authority. Our condolences to them.







Rolli and Falthauser


Our client BAVARIA Film City, entrusted us to make two special characters as unique items.

These characters are:

Rolli – the logo of BAVARIA Film City and his colleagues

Falthauser – known from “Lissi und der wilde Kaiser” (Lissi and the Wild Emperor)


The figures were approximately 1600 mm (5 feet) in size, made of a hand-rigid polystyrene foam core and are covered on all sides with a weather-resistant Fiberglass laminate. The figure “Rolli” was painted according to template and for the figure “Falthauser” a detailed, high-quality airbrush painting was applied, also according to the template.

Bilder aus der Fertigung:

We would like to thank the company Bavaria Film  for their great collaboration. The photos are presented with permission of the company herbX film and Bavaria Film.