The Booth Achema 2009

For a booth at ACHEMA 2009, we were tasked with implementing the concept described below, which are for two fibreglass tubes used as exhibition and design objects.

As a result, the tube was made as approximately 15 m (16.4 in) long, 3 m (3 in) wide and 2.5 m (2.7 in) high, while another tube was about 8 m (9 in) long, 2.5 m (2.7 in) wide and approx. 3 m (3 in) high. The objects were made of milled polystyrene (PS) rigid foam cores, in segmented construction, and were then coated with fibreglass. This design was produced according to DIN 4102 standards in the fire protection class B1. The outer surface was imaged by a locally applied silver foil. The client was responsible for the inside design.


The photos are presented with permission of the company:

Uhde GmbH
Friedrich-Uhde-Str. 15
44141 Dortmund