VOLKE Towing Dynamometer


We manufactured the fibreglass body shell for the new VOLKE Towing Dynamometer.

In addition to the fibreglass shell, we also made a cover for a drawbar (manufactured as a sandwich element) that completed the kit.

The photos, provided by VOLKE, show the towing dynamometer in complete assembled and painted version.

The body shell has the following dimensions:

A length of 3650 mm (12 ft), a width of 1950 mm (6 ft) and a height of 750 mm (2 ft).


Towing dynamometers are commonly used in the automotive industry for an uphill driving simulation while on flat terrain, or for the testing of driving with different loads. Thus, new engines and transmissions can be tested under real driving conditions for engine performance and cooling system capability.  Using VOLKE’s towing dynamometers one can simulate the searing heat of Death Valley, as well as the North German Plain. It goes without saying that the testing of all modern vehicles incline and decline parameters and towing capacities should be carried out while towing this trailer.



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