Company history

Milestones of ACCENTFORM


Foundation of ACCENTFORM GmbH in Nienstädt. Construction of a 450 m² production hall in the
Nienstädt industrial park.

Production and direct sales of GRP spare part bumpers for public transport using the RTM process, as well as plastic spare parts for underground and suburban trains. Production of self-supporting box bodies for ambulances in sandwich construction from styrene-free polyester resin with glass fiber and STYROFOAM (XPS).

ACCENTFORM is the first German company to introduce the 1998 EURO as a currency for accounting and invoices in the middle1998 of the DM era. Two years before the actual EURO changeover.

Foundation of a branch in Lübben/Spreewald for the production of small series and
Custom made for bus and train.


Foundation of ACCENFORM Polska Sp. z. zo. near Choszczno/Arnswalde for the production of serial agricultural products (calf igloos) using fiber injection molding.


A second hall with m²360 for the production and surface finishing of GRP components is being built at the Nienstädt site.


ACCENTFORM Polska expands in the industrial park of Choszczno on an approx. ²10.000 plot with a 2.400 m² large existing property for manufacturing and warehouse. At the location in Nienstädt a third hall with m²300 for model and mold making is built.


Acquisition of a truck for factory transport between the Polish site in Choszczno and Nienstädt. Closure of the site in Lübben. Commissioning of a KUKA robot on a 10m long linear axis for trimming serial GRP components. Annual production of approx. large-sized600 engine hoods for JCB Vibromax.


Creation of plastic bodies for ECOCRAFTER, the first electrically powered municipal and parcel vehicles. ECOCRAFTer was then taken over by VW and the product was subsequently withdrawn from the market.


Purchase of a KUKA KR 150L10-21 robot for milling 3D objects from UREOL and Styrofoam.


ACCENTFORM Polska is particularly affected by the economic crisis, because in the area of the production of hoods for construction machines a decrease of more than 80% has to be accepted.


Takeover of a model making company for the production of export models in Bergisch Gladbach to increase the competence in the field of CNC milling of large-format objects. Discontinuation of wage-intensive production at the Polish location, focus on high-quality custom products and serial components in the RTM process with automated trimming at the Nienstädt location.


Doubling of the production area to approx. 2.000 m²through the construction of a fourth hall.



Increase in milling capacity with a total of three large-format 3-axis milling machines (5 x 2,5 m) and two 5-axis machining centers for wood, ureol and polystyrene.


Successful introduction of the paperless office through a document management system (DMS). All business processes are executed digitally. To the chagrin of the post office, all invoices are now only accepted and sent digitally.


Further doubling of the production area through the construction of a new hall with5 an area of 1.800m². The main objective of the investment is to focus on the production of large-format GRP cladding parts using the RTM process for customers in agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle construction.


A technical defect causes a major fire in Halle4 on July13. The hall with the CNC machines and the office wing fall victim to the flames. Four months later, the production hall is rebuilt.

Neugebaute Halle 4 am 9.11.18


Acquisition of additional machinery:

  • 5axis – milling machine for object sizes up to x10 x 4m1,6
  • 2K drum dosing unit for the application of epoxy or PU pastes
  • New installation of two paint booths (8 x m5) with heat recovery

2 Lackierkabinen (8 x 5 m) mit Wärmerückgewinnung


The newly established SITZFORMEN department builds on our many years of experience in the field of CNC machining. In cooperation with our in-house plastics technician in the medical field, we supply medical supply stores and orthopedic mechanics with milled parts from the orthopedic field.



approx. employees 45

of which employees 11 in the office and employees34 in production

of which engineers 3 and technicians for development, design, work planning of which commercial 3 project managers
2 Trainees (1x industrial clerk, 1x process mechanic for components)

Real estate:

Property: approx. 12.500 m²

5 Production halls with a total of over 5.000 m²