Highlight Wall For BMW

Two Brand New BMW Cars Were Presented in Front of the Highlight Exhibition Wall

The two BMW cars “drive” between our two-part exhibitions’ highlight walls in the spotlight of the “Auto Salon” in Geneva. The highlight of this extravagant background is the 183 diamond-shape light cutouts. The wall had the shape of two spherical sections and the corresponding sphere had a diameter of 16 m (17.5 yards).

One wall section was approximately 5.3 x 12.0 m (5.8 x 13.1 yd)and consisted of six single parts linked to each other. For the production of these parts, a large production mold of approximately 2.7 x 5.0 m (3 x 5.5 yd) in size was used. For the light cutouts – 183 molds. Through an economic, efficient, and computer-aided design, efforts spent on this production were reduced to a minimum. The light molds modeling board material were made by our five-axis industrial robot.

Due to precise positioning of molds on the production form, the wall sections were made geometrically accurate. In order to increase the rigidity of the wall elements, the honeycomb-shaped bracing was installed on the back of the wall.

The collaboration with our client ensured a smooth installation on the customer’s steel frame. For the job itself, we would like to thank the company Winkels Messebau.


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