Surface design

The final surface design is decisive for the overall effect of an object. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we are able to design the surfaces of the GRP and Styrofoam models in a variety of ways using a wide range of processes. The custom-made objects and models up to a size of 8×5 m are painted in our two painting cabins with heat recovery. For oversized objects and figures, a scaffold is erected under which the painting work can be carried out in a protected manner.

We serve a wide range of customer wishes: from single-color surfaces according to RAL specifications, to pattern and shading, to artistic finishes. Depending on the desired effect, we use spray paint, airbrush, graffiti or even a paintbrush with an
artistic handwriting is used. For certain motifs, such as globes or the application of logos, we offer the foiling of the surface. We can even apply special coatings, e.g. with fluorescent colors or mirrored/chrome-plated surfaces, if required.

Some Examples:



Individual painting – whether graffiti or brushes


Mirroring of the surface


Foiling the surface

You can find more diverse surface references under the menu item custom-made products.