Beach party with Malibu


Malibu is the world’s best-selling rum-based liqueur with natural taste of coconut. This popular drink is an ingredient of many cocktails. In combination with orange, passion fruit or pineapple juice, it creates many wonderful drinks with a dash of the Caribbean.

ACCENTFORM made giant pineapple and coconut fruit and funky flamingo Mali. These aesthetic objects are a real eye-catcher at any beach party and help create a casual and fun atmosphere.

The 2.5 m high flamingo was carved freehand from STYROPOR based on a photo template and then the surface was coated with a 2 mm thick GRP layer.

The outfit of the hip bird is completed by the blue glasses and colorful bathing slippers. The giant fruits – coconut and pineapple were modeled in CAD and then CNC-milled from Styrofoam.

The coconut was given a surface with a natural fiber look, while the pineapple enjoyed a fruity airbrush finish.

Pictures from the pineapple production:



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Dimensions, area and weight:

Flamingo Mali: 2.50m high
Pineapple: 1,8m; 2,0m; 2,20m
Coconut: Ø 1,8m; 2,0m; 2,20m