GRP Shower Gel Bottle

The AXE Effect – With us, even in oversize

To increase the publicity of the various AXE Shower Gels to the intended younger target market, the Doyko agency set up eight 3.5-meter (11 ½ feet) high shower gel bottles as shower cubicles at the open-air festivals.

ACCENTform developed these large items ready for shower use. In planning, design, choice of materials, construction, labeling, installation and transport logistics, the Dokyo advertiser could fully rely on ACCENTform GmbH with its broad experience in custom fibreglass design.


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For a realistic construction, our technical product designers scanned an original bottle by means of an area laser and then developed not only the geometry of the half shells, but they also shaped the corresponding transportation racks. Thus, these original showers, along with the festival music, could be sent on tour to various locations in Germany.

As always, the adherence to delivery dates and strict budget compliance by ACCENTform were commended by the client.  This allowed the Doyko agency to concentrate on other promotional activities. To the production connoisseur, you may have noticed that while everything appears to be from a single casting, the shells were produced by ACCENTform in much more efficient process – utilizing the hand lay-up method.


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