Horse solarium


Because of the many positive effects on the horse, the horse solarium is increasingly used in riding stables – not only in the cold season.

Depending on the way they are kept, horses in stalls often do not always get enough natural sunlight. A targeted, warming and relaxing irradiation in the horse solarium has a demonstrably positive effect on the health and well-being of the horses.

On the one hand, the device is often used for quick drying after washing the horse or after training to prevent colds and to strengthen immunity. Irradiating the horses before training loosens the muscles and promotes a better dissolution of the lactic acid in the tendons. The infrared rays activate the horse’s circulation, which increases its sport performance. Furthermore, horse solarium can treat back problems and improve wound healing.

On behalf of the company Summerwind-Pferdesolarien, we manufacture the GRP housing for a horse solarium in series production. The housing consists of an upper and lower part and is manufactured in a hand laminate process. The shells are equipped with IR radiators and fans by the customer and are fully assembled.