Certificate ISO 9001

Corporate policy and guiding principles

For us, it is a natural obligation to manufacture high-quality products for our customers. The principles of our work include short response times to our customers, reliability and flexibility as well as order and cleanliness in the workplace.

We are committed to using our management system to continuously improve our processes so that we can continue to offer our customers a high standard of business. We analyze our weak points and take appropriate corrective and preventive measures.
Furthermore, we are committed to identifying all legal requirements for our activities and services and keeping them up to date.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations and all other legal obligations are just as much a matter of course for us as the regular review of the safety precautions taken. We rely on trusting communication with the public, authorities, customers and suppliers and provide factual and comprehensive information about environmentally relevant processes in our company.
ACCENTFORM GmbH realizes the implementation of corporate policy in the form of an integrated management system in accordance with the standards

We use resources responsibly. This concerns both the efficient use of resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution.
We are committed to constantly improving operational environmental protection and paying attention to the prevention of environmental pollution. To this end, we record environmentally relevant data with the aim of analyzing our weak points and taking appropriate corrective and preventive measures.

We also want to work with our suppliers in a trusting and long-term relationship. Friendly and open dealings with our suppliers are therefore a matter of course in our company.

In order to secure and improve the professional competence and performance of our employees, we rely on a good working atmosphere, an appropriate and humane workplace design, performance-related pay and regular further training. In this way, we want to promote corporate and environmental awareness, ideas for improvement and commitment among the workforce.

In order to achieve the defined goals, all employees are informed about the management system and are involved in the process of introducing and permanently safeguarding the system.

As a matter of principle, we grant each of our customers the right to inform themselves about our management system and to inspect it on site.

The most important principles of our company philosophy are:

  • the benchmark for the quality of our products and services is determined by customer satisfaction
  • customers are only to be supplied with faultless products and services on time
  • the knowledge, skills and motivation of our employees must be continuously improved
  • the overall performance of our organization must be permanently improved