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Giant murex shells
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Beautiful GRP shells with acoustic feature

Two huge red Murex shells, shrouded in red light, hang mirror-inverted opposite each other and engage in a poetic conversation. “Gastromancer” is the name of this impressive art object with a deep meaning and was created by the well-known artist Monira Al Qadiri created by the well-known artist Monira Al Qadiri.

We had the honor of contributing to the realization of this artistic vision. On behalf of the agency SMA (STOP MAKING ART) we first CNC-milled these two art objects from PU 50kg/m³ and then encased them in 2-3 mm GRP laminate. This choice of material ensures a low overall weight and high stability of the sculpture. Finally, the sculpture was to be exhibited hanging without the need for special reinforcements at the suspension points. A loudspeaker was installed invisibly in the hollow “auditory canal” of the shell using a magnetic plate.
Attachment points were attached for the suspension and the surface was roughly sanded for subsequent surface coating. The final red sand coating of the two shells was carried out by the client SMA.

We are delighted with the constructive cooperation with SMA and look forward to realizing further works of art.

The snails turned out beautifully, the artist was very happy with the result and the sound also worked.


Pictures of the art objects in the exhibition

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2nd upper floor Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2023

Monira Al Qadiri – Press | Kunsthaus Bregenz (

Photos from the exhibition

Markus Tretter

Courtesy of the artist
Monira Al Qadiri, Kunsthaus Bregenz


Per object: approx. 900 x 3200 mm

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