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Comfortable and stylish chill-out seating furniture

Carbon seating furniture in the "DAS GERBER" shopping center

With over 85 lifestyle brand stores on 3 floors, the new shopping center DAS GERBER in Stuttgart offers a stunning shopping experience in the heart of the city. In order to do justice to the self-defined claim “Urban Flair & Style” not only in the grandiose offer for strollers, shoppers and connoisseurs, the seating furniture in the center also had to speak a special design language – “normal” benches would be out of place here. The project developer commissioned ACCENTFORM to produce custom-made and beautifully designed chill-out seats for the interior of the shopping center. A special feature of the seating furniture should be the carbon version.

ACCENTFORM used a polyurethane spraying machine for the first time in this project, with which the milled Styrofoam models were pasted – a total of three pieces, each consisting of an upper and lower mold. After curing, they were machined again in the ACCENTFORM milling center to precisely shape the final surface of the carbon seating furniture. After completion, ACCENTFORM finally produced the molds for lamination from the models using conventional methods. The special feature here was that the design was to be made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

Since a visible carbon pattern was to be the eye-catcher of the subsequent surface, the best way to lay the carbon had to be determined in various test runs before lamination – this is where ACCENTFORM’s high standards and extensive experience were ideally combined.

After the marriage of the upper and lower molds, a special carbon filler and base paint were used in the surface treatment in order to obtain a highly smooth and pleasant to the touch surface as a finish and for the special gloss with clear lacquer.

But what is a seat without upholstery? To make the seats comfortable and suitable for a longer break, our upholsterer sewed matching individual pieces of artificial leather with attractive quilting patterns. These upholstered surfaces were then painstakingly sewn to the seat: With 60 drilled holes per meter and a steady hand with needle and quilting thread, hole by hole. Beautiful things often involve a lot of manual work, but the perfect result is all the more rewarding!

Pictures from production

Project details for the carbon seating furniture


Type A: 2463 x 1821 x 660; 5.9m²; approx. 60kg
Type B: 2440 x 1600 x 693; 6.1m²; approx. 70kg
Type C: 1538 x 1113 x 700; 3.3m²; approx. 40kg, load capacity tested at 350kg


Gerber Mall, Stuttgart

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