Sustainable plastics production

Naturally diverse, naturally sustainable!

We base our entire plastics production on this principle. Thanks to our environmentally friendly production methods, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainably manufactured individual and custom-made products made from fiber composites.

Our fiber composite parts are characterized by their particular durability; this enables us to achieve an excellent environmental balance with our product portfolio. Each component is designed by our engineers in such a way that the aerodynamics and suitability for everyday use ensure lasting benefits over the entire service life of each individual product.

To ensure sustainable production, we rely on state-of-the-art standards:
This starts with the preparation of the offer. We are experts in glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite parts (GRP, CFRP). Due to the increasing demand for carbon-neutral and bio-based fiber composite parts, we have also expanded our expertise to include the production of natural fiber-reinforced composite parts (NFRP). These are particularly suitable for sustainable architecture projects, sustainable art or sustainable figures and sculptures.

At the same time, we strive for CO2-neutral production of our products and work daily to reduce our ecological footprint. The company’s own PV systems generate more than the amount of electricity we need. Free areas are used to install new PV systems so that we can feed our self-generated green electricity into the public grid. The aim is to achieve an output of 500kWp with our PV systems.

At the same time, all production areas and operational facilities are continuously checked for their energy efficiency. This is why we have been using only LED lamps with motion detectors in our production for several years. Our compressed air is generated using state-of-the-art screw compressors, the process energy is recovered as heat and our compressed air network and all connections are leak-proof. Our painting and ventilation systems are also equipped with heat recovery systems that can recover up to 80% of the heat energy.

We have also set ourselves the goal of conserving resources and giving our raw material waste a second life. For us, the recycling of polystyrene is therefore indispensable and helps us to reduce our waste to a minimum. We have created the possibility of shredding and pressing our polystyrene waste in our company. The compressed polystyrene can then be re-foamed into fully-fledged polystyrene blocks and reused.

We have recognized the reduction of our environmental impact at our site and along our value chain as a corporate goal. For ACCENTFORM, diversity and sustainability stand side by side as important signposts for the future.