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Art in architecture – SCATER Figures
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Die Doppel-Plastik “Skater” wurde geschaffen von der Künstlerin Birgid Helmy aus Wiesbaden. With her design, the artist convinced the jury and won the competition Art on the Building at the Karmeliter Realschule Plus.

We at ACCENTFORM supported the artist with our services in the realisation of her idea. The 3D data provided by the artist served as the basis for the milling work. She obtained this data by scanning her self-created 3D model. We milled the two life-size figures from SikaBlock M440. To make the sculptures weatherproof, they were encased in GRP. In this project, the later attachment on high steel poles had to be taken into account. To counteract the possible wind load, we reinforced the statically relevant parts of the sculptures with CFRP. The figures were then painted according to the artist’s exact colour specifications. The artist painted the details on the faces of the two young skaters herself.

The artwork now shines four metres high in front of the renovated façade of the Karmeliter Realschule Plus in Worms and appeals to pupils and passers-by alike.

Pictures from production

Project details for the Kunst am Bau – Skaters


Birgid Helmy

Homepage of the artist


Scater 1: ca. 1,2m x 1,4m Höhe 1,6m

Scater 2: ca. 1,75m x 0,8m Höhe 1,4m

Auf einem Rohr befestigt in 4m Höhe


Carmelite secondary school Worms

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