STYROPOR processing

Manufacturing process
Surface design
Assembly of modules
CNC machining
Vacuum infusion
Fiber spraying
Hot wire cutting
STYROPOR processing
RTM process
Hand laminate
Woodworking & wood construction

CNC milling is particularly suitable for large models. With modern high-performance milling centers and innovative CAD/CAM systems, polystyrene can be processed in different material densities. Depending on customer requirements, a wide variety of computer-controlled foundry models up to 5 m long and 3 m wide can be produced. Models can be produced in almost all dimensions by segmenting and subsequent assembly. Larger models are manufactured from individual parts and reassembled precisely and accurately for casting or further processing. After milling, the polystyrene models are reworked or sanded.

Styrofoam processing is part of our daily business. Our CNC 3D portal milling machines have a machining area of up to X-5,000 mm, Y-2,500 mm, Z-1,250 mm.

Hot wire cutting

ACCENTFORM has a CNC-controlled hot-wire cutting system. This enables us to cut 3D objects and contour cuts such as bookends, columns and logos from Styrofoam, Styrodur or EPP. With special computer programs it is possible to produce any desired shape according to your ideas.

Different coatings

As a rule, polystyrene and rigid foam models are coated with GRP/CFRP for further surface coating using the hand laminate process or special coatings. We are happy to take on this task and design the surface according to your wishes and color specifications. On the following page we present some of the surface coating options with their advantages and disadvantages.

Example projects:

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