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Art & Sculptures
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Let your most creative ideas become reality! As a specialist for high-quality custom-made products made of GRP rigid foam and polystyrene, we can produce individual sculptures in all designs, even in XXL format, at your request. Based on your specifications, sketches or scientific data, we produce small and large works of art professionally and true to detail. We have already convinced many renowned artists with our services. Take a look at some examples:
Giant murex shells
Art in architecture – SCATER Figures
Artwork "Mother" for Fred Wilson
Sculptural elements made of polystyrene for Katharina Grosse
Needle sculpture
Windfinger artwork
Giant giraffe - 9m
Giant bear figurine
Künstler Manfred Webel vor seinen Kunstwerken.
Movement sculptures
GFK und Mosaik - Highlights
Mosaic skull
Anthropomorphic figures
Walk-in art - Spherical house