Ball tower in Weinheim

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Ball tower in Weinheim
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Colorful sliding fun in the ball tower

Spherical tower in Weinheim made of GRP

The Miramar in Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, is a firm favorite among connoisseurs of exciting water slides. Numerous videos, test and experience reports can be found online, enthusiastically documenting the Weinheim slide giant. The ball tower made by ACCENTFORM towers above all the slides and not only had to meet the high demands of slide enthusiasts young and old, but also provide a visual stimulus and meet the highest standards of safety and stability.

In order to guarantee safety standards, the Weinheim ball tower was made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). This is not only characterized by its particularly high stability, but can also meet fire protection standards.

The dome for the spherical tower in Weinheim was manufactured in 16 individual segments. When put together, these individual segments form a GRP dome with a total diameter of seven meters. To realize the characteristic design of the tower, the individual GRP segments then had to be trimmed. This allowed the smaller ball elements to be attached to the large ball. The assembly of the individual elements was carried out on site by ACCENTFORM employees and required particular precision.

Since the opening, visitors and especially all slide fans have enjoyed the colorful variety and the unique thrill of the slide.

Project details for the spherical tower in Weinheim

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