Ball for the Tyrolean Festival

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Ball for the Tyrolean Festival
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Clear the stage for the giant sphere

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Erl – a small village in the Tyrolean lowlands, one and a half thousand inhabitants, a handful of inns, lots of cows and a giant ball. But Erl has a very special story to tell: In the 17th century, the war-torn inhabitants took an oath that they would perform the Passion of Jesus Christ every six years if only they were spared further atrocities of war. Erl was spared; and Erl became a Passion Play venue.

Since the joint construction of the new Passion Play Theatre in 1959, the Tyrolean Festival Erl has been able to use a bold and strikingly designed theater and has thus become part of the village – just as the people of Erl are also part of the festival: as performers, as members of the fire department backstage and on stage, as technicians, hosts and much more. This close connection between the inhabitants of Erl, the Passion Play Association and the Festival makes the Tyrolean Festival Erl unmistakable.

ACCENTFORM was commissioned to produce a giant sphere with a diameter of 4m for the Tyrolean Festival Erl. From now on, this will be marveled at by all visitors young and old.

Project details for the giant sphere


Tiroler Festspiele Erl Betriebsges.m.b.H.


D = 4,000 mm, wall thickness approx. 4 mm Segmented into 8 segments (4 pole half-caps, 4 equator segments)

Weight approx. 375 kg

Project number