Giant molecule model

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Giant molecule model
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Huge GRP custom-made product

Experiencing the smallest things on a very large scale has always held a strong fascination for young and old alike. Here, a very oversized model of a molecule was produced as an eye-catcher for an exhibition stand. The aim of our client was to blur the boundaries between science and aesthetics with this GRP custom-made product.

The oversized molecule model floats in the middle of the exhibition stand, at a height of 5 meters. It is a crowd-puller at the trade fair and attracts the attention of visitors. XXL models such as the giant molecule are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) at ACCENTFORM. Three balls with a diameter of 840 mm and one ball with a diameter of 1200 mm as well as three connecting pieces were manufactured for the production. Once the individual spheres had been joined together to form a molecule using the connecting pieces, the surface was processed. The surface was filled and sanded with great attention to detail to prepare it for a mirror-smooth paint finish. First the primer was applied, followed by painting in various shades of blue and yellow. After the final sealing, the molecule can shine spectacularly above the exhibition stand and attract visitors young and old.

Project details for the custom-made GRP molecule model


Room technology


3329mm x 245mm x 1331mm, weight approx. 100 kg

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