Demonstration model – dental implant

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Dental implant demonstration model

This 2m high model is a multiple enlargement of a dental implant.
It is used for illustration at trade fairs and exhibitions in the dental sector.

The data supplied by the customer was processed by ACCENTFORM in CAD/CAM programs.
The individual parts were manufactured and assembled using our CNC milling machines.
The B1 classification had to be taken into account.

The polystyrene model was then encased in glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) and then smoothed. Smoothing the surface is a very time-consuming process; the surface is sanded three times and filled twice so that the final finish coat can be applied with a high surface quality. The surface coating was applied in a noble titanium look, true to the original – smooth on top and with a rough surface in the lower area of the implant. To ensure stability, the display model has been fitted with a steel plate in the base area.

In future, the oversized dental implant will be used for information purposes in particular. The magnification of 2 meters makes it particularly easy to educate patients.

Pictures from production

Project details for the display model


conform GmbH
Small heath 16
D-33790 Halle/Westf.


2 m high – 0.45 m wide;
Weight: approx. 30 kg

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