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Our customer commissioned us to produce two popular plastic advertising figures in XXL format for a new opening of his candy world in Oberhausen.

The “Dickie” figure from Super Dickmann’s Schokoküssen, measuring approx. 1 m in height and with a changing headdress, was intended to sweeten the entrance to the store. The children and adults should get big eyes at the 2.5m high laughing rubber at the back. His big saucer eyes move to a certain beat. However, a few steps had to be taken before the eyes got big and the desire for sweets was satisfied.

The Dickie and the laughing rubber were carved out of polystyrene. The polystyrene was encased in GRP for a stronger and paintable surface. Dickie was already ready for the “chocolate coating”. The special feature is the original Chucks in shoe size 56, although the white shoes still had to be dyed orange.

Once the polystyrene had been encased, the rubber had to be removed to make room for the technology. Once this and the finishing touches had been completed, the laughing gum could also be brought to life with the bright colors using the airbrush technique. The separately laminated/painted eyes were then inserted into the eye sockets on the axles and wired to the technology inside and programmed with a Siemens logo in the desired cycle.

We would like to thank Guido Leifhelm – Exclusive Event Photography for the photographs, www.leifhelm-eventfotografie.de

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