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Ravensburger play figures
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Playful advertising figures made of GRP as a real eye-catcher

Splish-splash penguin as a GRP play figure

The game manufacturer Ravensburger is known worldwide for its board games and puzzles. In order to arouse the curiosity of customers, he is aiming to set up some popular game figures in front of the stores as GRP advertising figures.

For this purpose, ACCENTFORM reproduced a series of the game pieces in sizes between 1.2 and 1.5 meters. These were four popular characters from four different games: the rabbit from Lotti Karotti, the penguin from Plitsch-Platsch Pinguin, the cockroach from Kakerlakak and the mole from Maulwurf Company.

First, 3D models were created from the 2D figures. The greatly enlarged figures were then CNC-milled into a hard foam. The rigid foam core was then hand laminate process coated with GRP. In the last scrap, the GRP advertising figures were primed and airbrushed. Compliance with the corporate design is particularly important here. A base plate has given the objects a platform that protects them from falling over and theft.

Pictures from production

Project details on the GRP advertising figures


Ravensburger AG


Size: 1.2-1.5 m, weight: 12-16 kg without platform

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